Applying For Michigan Small Business Grants

“The Michigan Small Business Survival Grants program will assist small businesses across Michigan during this tough year of economic uncertainty, as they continue to suffer from the impact of CO VID-19, said Governor Gretchen Whitmer today. The new emergency financial assistance package gives state agencies and organizations additional funds to help Michigan’s small businesses weather the storm. “This funding is a great opportunity for Michigan citizens to apply for government money to invest in their community and grow and create jobs,” said Mark Schmitt, Executive Vice-President and CFO at Cushmanente, which is one of the top grant makers in Michigan. “We strongly encourage all small companies in Michigan to seek out these programs, which will provide the cash they need to remain viable during a tough economy.”

Michigan Small Business

Among the funding programs that have been announced are grants for affordable real estate property in Michigan, and grants to help start or expand small businesses. The state is offering a total of fifteen local and national nonprofit economic development organizations the chance to participate in a program that awards financial assistance to eligible Michigan business owners and job seekers. This is the first time in fifteen years that the Michigan SEDAR has provided funding to nonprofits in the state, officials said. The SEDAR is currently reviewing applications from both nonprofits and corporations.

According to the SEDAR, the financial assistance will primarily be targeted at small businesses in the Wolverine State that have been impacted by CO Vid-19. The new regulations, which were implemented in October, took effect immediately, but have had a significant financial impact on several industries across the state, particularly in the manufacturing and construction industries. Some areas have already seen a reduction in the number of permits required, which can affect the amount of materials that can be produced and transported. For example, farmers that use water from the state’s Department of Natural Resources may be required to remove any water from their facilities before they can harvest plants, seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. Several cities and towns have also been affected, with the number of permits being suspended pending review.

The Michigan SEDAR will also be awarding six grants to local manufacturers, including Covid-North Detroit, Covid Plymouth, Covid-North East Grand Rapids, Covid-Sturgis, and Covid-Wayland. To qualify for these grants, the applicants must demonstrate an ability to create jobs and to sustain those jobs through the process of getting a business license and participating in payroll. Also, businesses must be at least two years old and employ at least one employee. Additionally, if a manufacturer produces food products, it must also meet local food safety regulations.

The final category is “stage survival grant programs.” This awardees will receive funds to assist owner operators with a variety of projects, which are aimed at addressing “urgent needs.” For example, some of these funds will be used to improve small businesses’ marketing strategies, or to create outdoor spaces, like a patio or deck. Other projects may include street and sidewalk improvement projects, upgrading drainage systems, and new lighting. To qualify for this grant program, the applicant must demonstrate an urgent need for such assistance.

Applying for any of the above grant programs is an easy process that does not require good credit. For more information on what types of grants are available, or to find out whether you have been awarded a grant of this type, contact the Michigan Small Business Administration by phone or by e-mail. Once approved, the money can be used to help with any number of things, from getting your business established to paying down your mortgage.

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