Michigan Viking Great Lakes Cruises

The Viking Octantis cruise ship is designed for travelers looking for an in-depth adventure. Among the features of this ship are six-person submarines and an enclosed hangar, where travelers can engage with onboard scientists to work on research projects. Onboard, travelers can also participate in community projects and engage in local research. This vessel offers a unique experience to visitors on Great Lakes cruises, which visit the Maine coast and St. Lawrence Seaway.

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Nordic-themed staterooms

viking octantis great lakes

Nordic-themed staterooms on the Viking Octantis Great Lakes feature modern Scandinavian decor. The largest cabins include a king-size bed, a sitting area with a balcony, and a private bathroom with heated floors. The cabins also feature complimentary laundry service, a dining area, and a library. The Owner’s Suite has three rooms, including a living room, board/dining room, and bedroom.

All Viking Octantis staterooms have a view of the natural world. Each includes a flat-screen TV, a coffee maker, a drying closet, heated floors, and USB ports. The bathroom features a spacious glass-walled shower and heated floor. The staterooms also have a Nordic Balcony, a window that slides from top to bottom to create a picture window. A pair of binoculars is provided in each room so guests can view wildlife while out on shore excursions.

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The interior of the Viking Octantis features Scandinavian-style design with lots of light and simple luxury. It features 150 unique pieces of art, including Scandinavian and Norwegian art. Viking’s godmother, Liv Arnesen, chose the pieces.

All-inclusive concept

The Viking Octantis is a new all-inclusive cruise concept for the Great Lakes including Michigan on Lake Michigan and Detroit. Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen introduced the company’s plans. The cruise line is looking to expand their service to the Canadian Great Lakes. The company plans to expand their operation by adding two new expedition vessels – the Sigma Octantis and the Polaris. The vessels will be used for a multi-week repositioning journey and explore the Great Lakes region.

The Octantis will sail four routes around the Great Lakes region, starting from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It will stop at the pristine island of Mackinac in Michigan and the Unesco Biosphere Reserve of Georgian Bay. It will also visit the Thirty Thousand Islands and Canada’s Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. In addition to these stops, the Octantis will cruise down the Atlantic coast to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., before making the return trip to Alaska and Antarctica.

The Viking Octantis also offers unique amenities that other cruise lines can’t match. For example, passengers can watch movies and lectures in the theater on deck 2. The theater has a 270-degree glass wall that overlooks the stern. It provides a beautiful indoor viewing area, but the best part is that it allows passengers to experience the wake. Guests can also relax in the Finse Terrace with comfortable seating and a fire pit.


If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing the Great Lakes, consider booking a cruise on the Viking Octantis. These 7-night cruises depart from ports like Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You’ll experience small town charm and the beauty of mother nature on a cruise in this scenic part of the country.

While there are plenty of shore excursions in Canada, Alaska, and other parts of the United States, there’s an added bonus to the ship’s research lab. The research center is funded by Viking’s operations, but guests can also get involved. For example, the ship collects water samples in a ferry box and analyzes them for temperature and salinity. There’s also a special project that looks at the microplastics in the water.

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In the month of June 2023, Viking Octantis will offer a 15-day Great Lakes itinerary. The ship will dock in Milwaukee for embarkation and Thunder Bay for disembarkation. Guests can choose from a variety of shore excursions, including kayaking and boating. They can also hop in a tender or hop on a special operations boat or submarine.


If you are looking for a cruise ship that sails the Great Lakes, you have several options to choose from. Viking Cruise Lines has three eight-day tours leaving from Milwaukee. One of the trips, the Undiscovered Great Lakes, stops at the Apostle Islands in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Another tour, the Great Lakes Collection, skips Milwaukee altogether.

This cruise ship is 660 feet long and can accommodate up to 400 passengers and 250 crew members. The ship began its journey from Thunder Bay, Ontario and made its first stop in Duluth, Minnesota, where it had to set up a new customs facility. This ship also has a special hull design and fin stabilizers.

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